Are You Struggling To Get More Business From Your Website?

Legal Marketing Mavens:  “Are you driving regular traffic but it feels like no one is taking the next step to pick up the phone and call? . . . A great way to neutralize the overwhelm and capture a prospect’s information anyway–even if they aren’t quite ready to call–is to implement a strategy of lead generation.  Effective lead generation is the process of offering something of value to the prospect in exchange for their contact information.”

2 thoughts on “Are You Struggling To Get More Business From Your Website?”

    1. You are welcome. Did you notice I linked to your site under “Sites We Like” in the right column? I invite you to submit guess posts from time to time.

      P.S. Like you I use Infusionsoft. As of today 810 people have viewed my review of Infusionsoft.

      P.P.S. I talked to Lee Phillips two months ago. He and I are coordinating with respect to a presentation he is making in Phoenix in the fall. I listened to the webinar he did with you. FYI: I’ve formed 3,400+ Arizona LLCs since I started counting in 2002.

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