7 Benefits of Google+

The Rainmaker Blog:  “Google+ is one of those social media networks that many attorneys are still not sure what to do with…but with more than 500 million members now making it the fastest growing social media site ever, it’s worth your time and attention.  This infographic explains 7 benefits Google+ provides for business:”

The following video answers the all important question: Facebook or Google+


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Rel=author Not for the Faint of Heart

I’ve spent six plus hours trying to get a handle on how to configure my websites and my Google profile so that my picture will appear next to Google search results that show a link to a web page that contains content I wrote.  Everybody in the know says that having your photo appear next to your Google search results increases the number of clicks to your web site or blog.  That’s my goal, but to say the process is confusing and complex is an understatement.

I think that my efforts today will ultimately give me the desired result, i.e, my picture next to Google search results when one one my pages or posts comes up.  I think I am good to go because when I run tests using Googles’ rich shippets tester I do not get any error messages.  However, based on what I have researched it can take some time, even months, before the author’s photo appears in the search results.  I’ll update this post when I see my picture in a search result, assuming it ever happens.

For those of you who want your picture to appear with search results, I recommend you read an excellent how to article called “Rel=Author Step By Step Tutorial For WordPress” and watch the author’s demo video.


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A Video Explanation of Google+ Circles

If you have a Google+ profile (you should) this short video explains the concept of the “circle” and how it can organize your Google+ to give you a better Google+ experience.  I do recommend that attorneys who want to create content on their website or blog create a Google profile and configure Google + and create “rich snippets” using Google’s rel=author.  For more on this topic read ” “Google Plus & Google’s Rich Snippet.”


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Google Guy’s Video Explains How to Get Your Picture Next to Google Search Results that Show Your Content

I figured out how to configure my website/blog content with Google so that when Google displays search results that show a link to any of my pages or posts my picture will appear to the left of the link.  People say that having your picture next to your Google search result will substantially increase the number of clicks the link will receive.  I’m ready to implement this new feature Google calls “rel=author,” but I am going to up date my bio picture first.  Some people also call this feature “rich snippets.”

The process is confusing, but not difficult.  This video is by Google employee and SEO expert Matt Cutts.  He and Othar Hansson discuss how to rel=author works.  I recommend watching this video first so you will have an understanding of the big picture.

For more about this topic read “Google Plus & Google’s Rich Snippet.”


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What is Google +1 & How to Use It

The Google +1 button is a shorthand for “this is pretty cool” or “you should check this out.” Click +1 to publicly give something your stamp of approval. Your +1’s can help friends, contacts and others find the best stuff when they search.  Watch this short Google video to learn more about how to use Google +1.


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Introducing LinkedIn Targeted Updates

I do have a LinkedIn page, but I question its value as a way to get my name out and a source for generating new law firm business.  Many people tell me that saw my article on my website, but I don’t recall anybody ever saying they saw me on LinkedIn.  Nevertheless I do believe it is one of the social media sites on which all lawyers should have a good page.


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Beginners Guide to Google Plus

Do you know what Google + is?  If you want to get more traffic to your website or blog and you do not know about and use Google + you need to learn about and implement it now.  The below video will give you an introduction into this relatively new Google product.


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What Is SEO / Search Engine Optimization?

If you have not subscribed to Search Engine Land’s RSS feed and if you want to learn how to get higher Google / search engine rankings you need to sign up yesterday.  SEO means search engine optimization.  It is the “science” of how search engines work and what to do on your website to get high search engine rankings and how to avoid being penalized for engaging in bad SEO practices.  What you do not know about SEO can prevent your website from getting higher rankings and more visitors.  To learn more see “What Is SEO / Search Engine Optimization?

Search Engine Land has a great introductory course to SEO.  Watch its video called “What is Search Engine Optimization” and then read its course on SEO.


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Create A YouTube Traffic Jam With These 4 Simple Optimization Tips

You have probably heard that if you want more business and traffic to your website you need a Youtube channel with a lot of videos.  Once you have a channel and videos you must also configure the video in Youtube to maximize the information about your firm and/or practice area, but this requires that you know this fact and that you know what you have to do.  The article “Create A YouTube Traffic Jam With These 4 Simple Optimization Tips” solves both of these problems.

I did create a Youtube channel for my law firm, KEYTLaw.  As of the date of this post, April 23, 2012, our channel is 11 months old and has had 3,678 views of our 19 videos.  Below is a sample video from our series called “Ask the KEYTLaw Girl.”  It is typical of the videos, but longer than most because it explains the steps needed from A to Z to form an Arizona limited liability company.


All of the videos on my Youtube channel were made by a talented young man I hired.

Compare the above video (very professional in my humble opinion) to the amature video below I made in one hour of filming in a conference room with my Flip camera in 2009.  It’s the KEYTLaw girl ad libbing text that I told her to say.  We had many takes and I just edited the final and put it up on Youtube without realizing I should have created a KEYTLaw account and uploaded the video to that account.  Nevertheless, this homemade video has had 13,210 views since it went up on October 7, 2009, and given me a lot of LLC formation business.

I do get a lot of people who hire me to form their Arizona LLC who make a comment about the KEYTLaw Girl.  My favorite is “whoever hired the KEYTLaw Girl should get a raise.”  I hired her and I’d like a raise.  She is my daughter who has worked form me as my LLC legal assistant since she was a senior at Arizona State University in 2006.


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