Why I Rarely Hire a Consultant

When I bought my first computer and a dot matrix printer in 1983 I could not afford to hire a consultant to help me with hardware or software.  I was forced to learn about hardware and software and become my own consultant.  In the last 30 years I have invested a tremendous amount of time learning about software, law office technology and the internet.

Over the years I have saved a lot of money by becoming knowledgeable enough to avoid hiring a consultant.  Unfortunately from time to time I have been forced to hire a consultant.  Sometimes the benefit I have received from the consultant’s services have been well worth the cost.  For example, I have paid my Hot Docs programmer Bart Earle over $35,000 in the last ten years to develop templates I use in my practice to create limited liability companies.  I have also been very happy with my Time Matters consultant Tom Caffrey of Premier Software and my TimeSlips consultant Allen Hardon of Sherwood Systems.

One of the lessons I have learned from hiring consultants over the years is that far too often the value of the services rendered is substantially less than the money invested.  In the last several years I have had extremely bad luck with four Infusionsoft consultants.  I have hired four of them and paid over $24,000 all of which was a total waste of money.  At least two of these Infusionsoft consultants were so called ICCs aka Infusionsoft certified consultants.

I love Infusionsoft and it is an important marketing tool and customer relations management software that I use in my law practice.  The program, however, has a very high learning curve, which means that too many Infusionsoft users are forced to hire a Infuionsoft certified consultant.  All I can say is “buyer beware.”  Get references and talk to people who used the ICC’s services before you actually hire the ICC.

Two Infusionsoft consultants that I trusted were Justin Handley and Ritchie Hale.  I would never hire either of these gentlemen again to provide any Infusionsoft consulting services.

To learn why I love Infusionsoft read my review called “Infusionsoft Review: The Cheapest & Best 24/7/365 Marketing Department.”

Note:  I would never hire Total Networks, a Phoenix, Arizona, IT managed services company operated by Data Monsters, LLC, an Arizona limited liability company.  I have a low opinion of this company and its Vice President, Bill Fox.  Check back in the future.  I may write a review of my experience with Bill Fox and Total Networks.