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Infusionsoft Review: The Cheapest & Best 24/7/365 Marketing Department in (2018)

A Happy Infusionsoft Customer Reviews the Web Based Software that Automates Marketing, Sales & Customer Relationships

My small law firm has used Infusionsoft for customer relations management, automatic followup marketing and delegation of attorney tasks since October of 2007.  Infusionsoft is a cloud-based software product that is responsible for adding hundreds of clients and substantially increasing my law firm’s revenue.

Here are the important facts I want you to get from this Infusionsoft review:

  • Infusionsoft works! The three finalists in Infusionsoft’s 2008 Ultimate Marketer contest used Infusionsoft to make serious money:

A.  The contest winner went from $0 revenue and no product in February 2008 to one informational product and $844,832 in revenue the last 10.5 months of 2008,

B.  A finalist went from $35,000 gross sales in 2006 pre-Infusion to $838,569 in 2007 and $2,099,706 in 2008, and

C.  The third finalist’s company had $2,000,000 gross revenue pre-Infusion then had gross sales of $6.1 million in 2007 and $10 million in 2008. For details about how Dentist Profits quadrupled revenue in two years ($2 mill to $10 mill), see Darcy’s online how to web page.

  • I suspect you are like I was before I bought Infusionsoft, i.e., you are not really marketing.
  • You get leads, but do not have the time to follow up with prospects to turn them into paying clients or customers.
  • A prospective business lead who contacts you today, but does not hire you or purchase your service or product today is likely to need your service or product in the future, but will probably not remember your business name, your name or any contact information when the prospect is ready to purchase.
  • If you follow up regularly with prospect over a period of time, the prospect will probably purchase from you when he or she is ready to buy.
  • Following up with prospects will not happen unless:

A. You dedicate an employee to actually do the follow up (a very expensive solution), or

B. You use an automatic system like Infusionsoft to do the follow up.

  • Infusionsoft will do a better job of marketing and following up with prospects than any marketing person you could hire, but it costs only a small fraction ($299/month for a 5 user license) of what you would pay an employee to do follow up marketing.
  • If you buy and use Infusionsoft properly, you will get more business and make more money and the cost of the program will be peanuts compared to the money you will make from using Infusionsoft to collect leads and do automatic followup marketing.
  • Buy Infusionsoft now. It’s a no brainer.
Why I Bought Infusionsoft

The primary reason I bought Infusionsoft is because I had (and still have) a tremendous amount of people entering my store (that’s what I call my website), but I was not able to convert many of the visitors to paying clients.  During 2011 my law firm’s website ( had more than 100,000 visitors.  Before I bought Infusionsoft, I did not collect visitor information or market to website visitors. Infusionsoft collects prospect information automatically from our website and does automatic follow up marketing over an extended period of time.

Infusionsoft has paid off big time. The software has generated a tremendous amount of additional revenue for me and my law firm. I expect even more increases in future revenue as we automate more and more of my law firm’s marketing.

Infusionsoft is a web-based automatic marketing system. Here’s how Infusionsoft describes its web-based marketing system:

Infusionsoft is an “Active” web-based solution designed to help small businesses double their revenues by automating and improving marketing, sales, and customer management.

Our flagship Infusionsoft product revolutionizes how small businesses run from end-to-end. With a heavy dose of marketing automation and additional tools to manage customer service, sales force automation, e-commerce, billing, and a lot more, Infusionsoft replaces the disparate, incompatible systems currently in place and leaves you with more time to strategically grow your business instead of managing fire after fire.

Infusionsoft is a full time UNPAID automatic marketing robot that doesn’t forget to send an email, letter, fax, or voice blast to a client or prospect. It also notifies your staff when they need to contact a client or prospect. It does it all automatically based on the follow up sequences you create.

My Pre-Infusionsoft Lack of Marketing

In my pre-Infusionsoft days, I did NO follow up marketing. For example, a lot of people who are interested in forming an Arizona limited liability company call or send me an email every day.  Pre-Infusionsoft, I talked to the prospect on the phone and then manually sent the prospect a marketing email message that said why the prospect should hire me and that had a link to my online LLC formation agreement. That’s it. I never contacted the prospect again. No follow up and tons of lost business. I did not have a system in place to follow up with prospects.

Marketing gurus tell us that most of the time when a prospect contacts you the prospect is not ready to buy.  That fact is why you need to get the prospects name and email and/or phone number so you can do follow up marketing to the prospect.  If you do not do follow marketing the prospect will probably not remember you when the prospect is ready to buy.

Marketing gurus say you need an average of 7 – 9 touches before a prospect is ready to purchase. That is why follow up marketing is so important.  The more often you follow up with a prospect you increase the possibility that the prospect will remember you and hire you when the prospect is ready to buy. Unfortunately for most people their day job interferes with follow up marketing to prospects.

I checked my Time Matters database on November 17, 2007, and found that I had sent and received over 1,400 email messages during the preceding 20 months, the subject of which was forming an Arizona LLC. I never followed up and pursued any of these 1,400 prospects for either LLC formation services or LLC operational related legal services. I lost a lot of business by not having a system that automates follow up marketing with prospects and clients.

How Infusionsoft Can Automate Collecting Leads & Doing Followup Marketing

Usually the hardest part of the sales puzzle is getting contact information from a prospect who is interested in your specific product or service. When you find that kind of prospect, you need to collect their name and email  address and/or phone number and do follow up marketing. Now, thanks to Infusionsoft, my law firm has a system designed to collect lead information and do automatic follow up marketing 24/7/365.

My Post-Infusionsoft Marketing

I am going to describe how I set up Infusionsoft to collect information about leads and do automatic follow up marketing to sell more Arizona limited liability company formations.  The first type of law business I used Infusionsoft for was LLC formations.  The system and process I created for generating more LLC formation business is typical and could be replicated for any type of service or product.

The Free Report

The first thing I did was create a “free report” and offer it on my Arizona Limited Liability Company Law website.  The free report is the hook used to collect leads from visitors who come to your website.  The gurus say that if you want a prospect to give you his or her name or email address or phone number you have to give the prospect something of value – the free report.  I wrote a very informative article with a catchy name called “10 Critical Facts Every LLC Owner Must Know.” Read More »Infusionsoft Review: The Cheapest & Best 24/7/365 Marketing Department in (2018)