I absolutely love Time Matters.  I cannot imagine practicing law without Time Matters, which I have used since 1998.  Legal Loudspeaker, Business & Technology Tips for Law Firms, created a number of educational videos and white papers on using Time Matters.

  1. Performing a Conflict Check in Time Matters (video)
  2. How To Archive & Retrieve Records in Time Matters (video)
  3. 10 Quick Time Matters Tips
  4. Changing Staff Initials in Time Matters
  5. Hiding Fields in Time Matters
  6. Creating Quick Tabs and Saved Searches in Time Matters
  7. Quick Tip for Tagging Record in Time Matters
  8. Setting up an Out of the Office Email in Time Matters
  9. 5 Tips to Quickly Improve Your Time Matters Experience
  10. 30 Time Matters Tips (pdf)
  11. Comprehensive Time Matters End-User Training Manuals
  12. Check out these Lexis-Generated Time Matters Product Videos