Must Have Productivity Software by Insight Software Solutions

Macro Express is the premier Windows macro utility. It can automate all of your common computer tasks. I love Macro Express because it saves me a tremendous amount of time and makes my computer life easier.  Macro Express satisfies my biggest requirements for law office software, i.e., it makes me more efficient and productive.  Everybody in my small law firm uses Macro Express constantly throughout the work day and they love it.

Do you type the same text into Word, email messages or other programs over and over?  We all do.  Every attorney and law office staff person is constantly typing the names, phone numbers and email addresses of themselves and firm personnel into email messages and letters.  Imagine how much time you and other people in your office would save if the contact information could be zapped instantly into a Word document or an email  message.  Using macros to insert repetitive text has the added benefits of always inserting the desired text (no omitted text) without any spelling errors.

Macro Express is a program that allows you to create a macro (memorized computer keystrokes) to automate virtually anything you do repeatedly on your computer. I use it primarily to insert text into Word documents or email messages. If you use the same text or phrases over and over, why waste time typing the text from scratch each time you need the text when you can type a short abbreviation that inserts the text instantly at the point of your cursor?  Not only does Macro Express save time it eliminates typos and insures that the exact desired text is generated every time just the way you want it.

For example, when somebody calls and asks me about forming a limited liability company, I ask them for their email address so I can send them a marketing email message that has links to pages on my website about LLCs. The message is several paragraphs of text. With Macro Express, I simply type “.llclink”

[the name I gave this particular macro] and Macro Express zaps my canned message into the body of my email message at the point where my cursor is located.

I have several email signatures that I can insert as closings to email messages depending on whether I am sending a message to a person related to estate planning, entity formation or some other area of law that I practice.  If I am sending an email message to an estate planning prospect I want my signature block to read:

Richard Keyt
Wills, Trusts & Estate Planning
Phone: 602-906-4953, ext. 1
Fax: 602-297-6890
Arizona Estate Planning:

BM (before Macro Express) I either had to type this closing from scratch or have it saved somewhere that I could access, copy the text then paste it into the message.  AM (after Macro Express) all I need to do is type the text that invokes the macro and a second later the text is inserted perfectly into my email message.

Macro Express makes it simple for me to have a different email signature block that is area of law specific for the intended recipient of the message.  If you are trying to get somebody to hire you for widget law don’t send the person a message with a signature closing that says you do thing-a-ma-jig law.

Macro Express is an incredibly powerful macro recorder and playback utility. Automate all of your common tasks by simply turning on the recorder, performing the actions one time, then playing back the macro when needed. Or use over two dozen Quick Wizards to guide you through a series of questions and build the macro for you. To create more powerful macros, utilize the Scripting Editor.

Macro Express can also automate procedures. You could create marcos to configure Word to print to your color printer, your black and white printer or to Adode pdf.  Think of Macro Express as a recorder that records your key strokes.  You start the recorder, hit whatever keys and/or mouse clicks you want to record then stop the recorder.  Give the macro a name and the short keys you want to use to invoke the macro and you are done.  Now when you type the keystrokes that invoke the macro the program will replay the recorded keystrokes.  Macro Express has a wizard that makes creating macros extremely easy.

Your increased productivity will quickly pay the small cost for Macro Express. Use it to automate boring, repetitive computer tasks. Perform tasks quicker, more reliably and with less stress. Reduce wear and tear on wrists and hands.  Macro Express provides all the tools necessary to create macros that will simplify your computing life. You do not need to know any programming language or have any programming skills. Everything is created in simple steps.  Use Macro Express for quick insertion of boilerplate text, international characters or symbols. Speedily populate a database with information from a file. Manipulate text strings, open web pages, prompt users for input, back up files and much more.

The program contains hundreds of commands to automate practically any function on the computer. These include keystrokes, mouse movements and clicks, launch programs, send email, move and resize windows, variables, logic, input boxes, questions, menus, ASCII delimited and text file processing, network connections, file manipulation, math calculations, waits, pauses, repeat loops and much more.

For more powerful and complex macros, it’s easy to create if/then/else logic that examines variables and makes decisions based upon what it finds.

Macros may be launched via hot keys, shortkeys, mouse clicks, window controls, a window title, a pop-up or floating menu, or via the macro scheduler. Assign macros to play back in all Windows programs, in only one specific window or program, or in every program except the one defined.

Your time is valuable so give yourself a productivity present and buy Macro Express.  It’s only $39.95 for a single user license.  Click here to buy  Macro Express.