In a one hour video LexBlog CEO Kevin O’Keefe provides some tough love and explains how he uses his blog and other platforms on the Internet — like Facebook, Twitter, FourSquare, and even text messaging — to build relationships and bring in business.  Blogging is an important piece of my internet marketing solution.  Every lawyer should have a blog to which he or she contributes regularly.  A good blog is a great way to get new business – if you do it right.

Blog Tip:  All lawyers get people who email and call and ask routine questions about their areas of law practice.  When you get one of these emails or phone calls, turn it into a blog post on your Frequently Asked Questions category/topic.  For example, on my Arizona Limited Liability Company Law website I have a blog category called “How Do I” (another name for a FAQ) where I pose a common question and then give the answer.  A great marketing benefit from answering common questions on your blog is that when you do get an email or phone call asking the same question you can send the questioner an email message with a link to your blog post that gives the answer.  Prospects tend to be impressed when they read an answer to their legal question on your blog.  Written content on your blog is a great way to establish that you are an expert on a topic.