Real Lawyers Have Blogs:  “With Facebook’s IPO coming this week you can’t get away from all the news and talk about Facebook.  Is all the hullabaloo warranted? Should you care as a lawyer or law firm?  Yes. . . . You as a lawyer are going to use Facebook to . . . grow your business so you can do the work you love doing.”

I agree.  I see Facebook as a vast potential goldmine for lawyers who want more clients.  The reasons lawyers should learn and use Facebook for marketing are:

  • Facebook has over 900 million users.
  • Facebook is a one to many marketing tool.

This one to many relationship is what gives Facebook huge potential for law firm marketing.  When a visitor comes to your website you have a one to one relationship, i.e., the visitor and your firm.  Facebook has a one to many relationship because if one person creates a Facebook link to your website or blog that link is seen by all of that person’s friends.

Facebook is another marketing tool that has a steep learning curve.  It does require an investment in time.  I think this is wonderful because I know that very few of my competitors will learn how to use Facebook to maximize its marketing potential.