More and more people are using QR codes.  An example of a QR code is made in one minute is below.  A QR code is a digital method of conveying information contained in the design of the QR code.  It is a great way to quickly deliver key information to another person or his or her phone or electronic device.

Let’s say we just met at a conference and I want to give you the following contact information:

Richard Keyt
Arizona Attorney
602-906-4953, ext. 1
Wills & Trusts:

I could convey the above information using the old fashion method and slowly tell you my contact information while you type it into your mobile phone, but why not use a quicker and 100% accurate method, i.e., the QR code method?  Instead of using the old way of conveying information I could just “give” you my QR code that contains my contact info.  I would display the QR code shown below on my iPhone and you could scan the QR code using your QR code app on your mobile phone.  My QR code application is RedLaser, a free iPhone app that scans bar codes and QR codes.


I made the QR code you see above in one minute for free at Kaywa QR Code.Kaywa allows you to quickly and easily create QR codes that are URLs, text, phone number or SMS text.  You can also adjust the size of your finished code.

Although I recently read that the traditional business card is being used less and less I plan to get all of the attorneys in our firm to have a personalized QR code on the back of their business cards and also saved in their mobile phones.