Recommended Professionals

The following people provide services to attorneys and law firms.  I have used and recommend each of them.

Time Matters Consultant

Tom Caffery of Premier Software (phone 856-29-3010):  He specializes in Time Matters and associated software.  His experience comes from many years of work helping several hundred law firms. He knows how to enable the benefits of this technology in your type of practice.  Premier has unique practice area add-ons and a one of a kind support forum with live web based classes, training videos, best practice knowledge base and more. Tom is committed to use of technology to make attorneys and their staff far more efficient and effective. Read a dozen reasons why Premier’s Hybrid Cloud Solution for Time Matters is likely the best solution for your practice.  We have Tom’s “Time Matters in a box” – its a stand alone server with Time Matters installed that is configured to work.  Everybody in our firm can access our Time Matters database 24/7 from anywhere in the world with access to a browser.

Attorney & Law Firm Marketing Consultant

Stephen Fairley of the Rainmaker Institute (888-588-5891):  The law firm marketing consultants at The Rainmaker Institute specialize in helping small and solo law firms generate more clients and increase revenue fast. Download Stephen’s company brochure to learn more about him and his company. Since 1999, Steve has helped over 8,000 attorneys create successful and sustainable law practices. Over 30 of the largest state and local bar associations have sponsored Steve’s live law firm marketing seminars and Rainmaker Retreats to their members.  I went on one of Steve’s two day retreats and learned a lot about law firm marketing.  I recommend you attend if you want to learn how to get more clients.

Microsoft Word Consultant

Laura Leader of Law Office Solutions (619-365-5402):  Laura is a leading provider of MS Word automation, webinars, & on site Software Training to law firms. She develops MS Word templates & macros for lawyers & provides software training on a variety of applications used by legal professionals.  I use Laura to fine tune my Word legal document templates using styles and macros.  She’s great.

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