There are many ways to skin a cat just as there are many ways to get more people to visit your website or blog.  Mashable has an interesting story about how Atlantic magazine used the web to make money.

The Atlantic, a monthly magazine on politics, foreign affairs, economics and culture, made $1.8 million in 2010, its first profitable year in decades.  In October, digital ad revenues topped print for the first time, up 86% year-over-year, but not at the sacrifice of print.  In fact, The Atlantic sold more print ads in October than it had in any other month since David Bradley acquired the title in 1999.  Traffic to its three web properties – and – recently surpassed 11 million unique visitors per month, up a staggering 2500% since The Atlantic brought down its paywall in early 2008.

“The web is a news medium, and you can’t compete ambitiously on the web if you’re not in the news flow,”